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HISPEC 10 Year Battery Wireless Interlink RF Smoke ,Heat  + AICO C/O Alarm Kit 4

HISPEC 10 Year Battery Wireless Interlink RF Smoke ,Heat + AICO C/O Alarm Kit 4



HISPEC 10 Year Battery Wireless Interlink RF Smoke & Heat Alarm + AICO C/O Alarm Kit 4


Stay up to date with the new legislation in Scotland with our complete and easy to fit grade F1

smoke alarm kit. Includes 1 x heat alarm for your kitchen and 5 x smoke alarms for living rooms and circulation spaces & 1 x AICO Ei208 battery standalone 10-year carbon monoxide alarm. Each alarm contains a sealed 10 year life lithium battery so no wiring is required at all. 


The HISPEC smoke and heat alarms Interconnected through reliable radio frequency, does not require wifi or any additional parts. Simply turn on each alarm with a twist and pair them together in minutes. Also included is a VHB strong adhesive pad allowing you to fit the alarm without drilling or the need for any tools.


The new HiSpec RF10-PRO range of safety alarms offer an easy way to upgrade your home smoke alarm system to comply with new regulations. Each alarm is completely wireless and powered by a sealed 10 year life battery and connected via radio frequency to all other alarms in the house. No electrician required, these alarms can be a much faster and cheaper alternative to having the alarms hard wired. FIA Approved. Comes with a 5 year guarantee.


Hispec Smoke and Heat Alarms Features

  • Grade F1
  • Smoke Alarm - BS EN14604:2005  -  KM 638574
  • Heat Alarm - BS EN5446-2:2003  -  KM 672401
  • Interconnect up to 20 wireless detectors
  • 10 Year Sealed Lithium Battery 
  • Battery only with integrated RF technology
  • Compact Design - 82mm wide 43mm projection
  • Activated by twist and click mounting bracket
  • Loud 85dB alarm
  • Insect proof
  • Test function and hush feature
  • Easy Installation
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Compatible with Hispec Control Unit


AICO Ei208 battery standalone 10-year carbon monoxide alarm

Powered by a 10-year sealed battery. Battery cannot be removed, ensuring continued protection. Easy to fit twist on base of alarm. Proven electrochemical sensor. Not able to connect with any other alarms as it is not compatible with any interconnection methods. Alarm triggers at 50ppm within 60-90mins, 100ppm within 10-40mins and 300ppm within 3mins.


Aico EI208 Features

  • Battery powered with a sealed lithium battery
  • Proven electrochemical sensor (10 Year life)
  • End of life audible and visual indication
  • Easy to use large Test / Hush button
  • Pre-alarm indication gives early warning of CO
  • Memory feature
  • Alarm, fault and power indicator lights
  • Easy to twist on base and multi-fixings
  • Dimensions & Weights Depth (mm) 50, Height (mm) 105, Width (mm) 120. 


These alarms meet the new 2022 Scottish legislation

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